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Hearing Aids: Multiple Choices to Meet Your Needs

To figure out whether this adult hearing loss has taken place in grown ups, audiologists conduct different tests for a complete hearing evaluation. Hearing loss in adults is caused by a number of factors including infection or disease, drugs, continuous and excessive exposure to noise, trauma, or aging process. Nevertheless, the problem can be resolved in most cases of hearing loss with the help of hearing aids. This audiology staff is important in the practice of an audiologist of his or her profession to give extra care and support to the patients while under screening and treatment and this staff is fully trained for this purpose.

There are more than 60 million people suffering from hearing troubles.

Types of hearing loss

Broadly hearing loss is classified in two categories.

Sensory hearing loss: When there is a problem in the cochlear nerve, brain stem, or cochlea; there is a loss of impulses in the sensory-neural system.In some cases, trauma, accidents, infections, and other reasons like Acoustic Neuroma also cause sensory hearing loss.

B. Conductive hearing loss: Good quality hearing aids in Bangalore offer a remedy for conductive hearing loss.

Types of hearing aids

Today we have quite effective hearing aids that can be worn in such a way that they are invisible to others.

External: External devices are being placed behind the ear or inside the external ear and they amplify the sound waves so that they can reach to the middle ear effectively.

Internal or implantable aids: These are special devices that stimulate the auditory cells and provide the sense of hearing to the brain.

Hearing aids are among the top choices that audiologists provide for much-needed amplification and there are several types from which to select. his model is available as either a receiver-in-canal or behind-the-ear version.

You can choose from a custom in-the-canal version, which is still visible but not obvious, or a completely-in-canal. With the CIC, a handle is visible. Otherwise, it is virtually undetectable by those around you.For those who want something that is obvious than a canal type device, there is the invisible product (IIC). With IIC devices, the tiny aid fits into the canal, but there is very little showing in the outer ear and this device is considered invisible in most patients and is designed for those with mild to moderately severe loss. Instead of tubing, the speaker is connected to a tiny wire. It is smaller and less visible but works in a similar way. Always make sure to maintain your aid as directed to keep it in the best working condition. Early consultation does not hamper your day by day activities. It could be more disappointing your hearing concern is not given the proper solution. Nothing is uncertain in the current generation with the new technologies coming up.

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