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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are a type of appliance used in the kitchen to save time and energy. Their ability to keep a meal ready for serving while one is away from home makes many individuals happy. They are convenient appliances for everyone and the type to buy is dependent on many factors. The common features to consider when buying these cookers are discussed in the article to help you in your purchase.

Programmable cooking time: This is essential for people who at one point or the other might need to cook a meal while they are far from home. When you set the amount of time food needs to cook, the cooker automatically switches to ‘warm’ settings to preserve the warmth of food without overcooking or burning the food.

Temperature Control Settings: this element is crucial for the preparation of various foods under different conditions. They are of three types; on and off settings, cookers with high, low, warm and off settings, and cookers which allow specific temperature settings to be set for cooking. The type to buy is dependent on the kind of food one would like to cook.

Cooking probes: they closely relate to cooking controls and are handy for large chunks of meat and whole chickens. The usually go through a lid of the cooker into the meat and reduce the preparation heat to ‘warm’ when the meat reaches the internal temperature it is supposed to.

Inserts: The two types of inserts used for slow cookers are ceramics or aluminum. Each has its unique advantages over the other and the type to select depends on an individual’s taste. Nonetheless, those who have used both report that ceramic inserts are easier to maintain and the food prepared in them has a better taste as compared to that of aluminum inserts.

Lids: Slow cookers come with different types of lids, glass or plastic. Glass lids are best suited for food transportation because of their security features. The view from plastic lids is blocked by steam and this makes one need to raise the lid to see the food in the cooker. The flavor of the food is thus compromised because part of it gets lost as the lid keeps opening.

Size: this has a huge impact on the type of slow cooker to be purchased. The size of a slow cooker is determined by the type of food to be prepared in it and the number of persons to serve. When choosing a cooker for a large household, then a big cooker will be most appropriate.

Shape: cookers come in varying shapes with a purpose. Oval shaped pots can be used for anything, but round shaped cookers are best suited for soups, sauces and stews.

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